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The International Society of Lipolysistherapy (ISL)

 The ISL is the international professional body for all the doctors who are members of NETWORK Lipolysis. The ISL looks after the legal conditions for providing this therapy, and sees one of its main tasks to provide patients with independent information on this new form of aesthetic therapy. The therapy standards developed by the doctors in NETWORK Lipolysis form the basis for this information and are intended to provide security and safety for the patients and therapists alike. In order to prevent any kind of experimentation on patients, the ISL members have given an undertaking to comply with the therapy standards and not to alter them individually themselves. This relates in particular to the maximum dosages, the injection techniques and the treatment intervals. Also the choice of suitable regions for treatment plays a major role. One important goal of the ISL is to prevent application of the therapy by unqualified persons, in particular by drawing attention to the severe risks of damage to health that can result from treatment by untrained doctors and above all by patients treating themselves. Most importantly in the case of aesthetic therapies, the health and safety of the patient must always come first for both doctor and patient. More information for physicians are available at NETWORK-Lipolysis.

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