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ISL - International Society for Lipolysis Therapy

Injection Lipolysis 
Your decision to make a change to your aesthetic appearance is not a necessary medical indication. Before embarking on the therapy, you should make sure to have a face-to-face meeting with a competent physician in order to receive professional advice on all the main aspects of the treatment and whether the therapy represents the optimum method for dealing with your specific case.

The NETWORK therapy

is used by over 1700 medical practitioners in 60 countries. The reason the NETWORK-Lipolysis treatment protocol is so successful is because it is effective and at the same time safe for both patient and physician. For further information, please click on the picture.

The NETWORK-Lipolysis physicians

undergo regular continuation training, either in Advanced Courses or, as shown here in the picture, at the National Members Congress in Frankfurt in April 2008. In the NETWORK, you will find expertly trained physicians. For further information, please click on the picture.



The Patient Forum

gives you the opportunity to exchange views and information with other actual or potential patients and also - especially important - to put your questions to Doctor Franz (A), the Medical Director of the ISL.

Information on lipolysis,

direct from the doctors to the patients. Information evenings or medical daytime events provide interested patients with a face-to-face opportunity to find out all about injection lipolysis.


Lipolysis Movies 
The lipolysis portal

for doctors who are interested in scientific background information on the injection lipolysis treatment and want to know about training opportunities.

International movies

which show how the treatment is actually carried out. Look over Dr. Franz’s shoulder during a lipolysis session.

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